Monday, December 13, 2010

Brrrr -

Its a winter wonderland in Iowa. The farm has a new white blanket covering everything.. including some of the house windows.  Kali (our dog ) greeted me with chattering teeth...and she hadn't even been outside to pee yet. I think she knew the wind and sub zero temps were waiting for her and she dreaded thought. The blizzard blew it self out by Sunday PM . the hard ,cold work then begins for Dear Hubby. Thank goodness the skid loader takes care of the majority of it but there's always some shoveling to do first. Thanks Dear for clear the path!


  1. Good thing I left some of that homemade hot cocoa @ your house! Give some to Kali so her teeth stop chattering :) ha ha

  2. Poor Kali-roo! oh...and dad too! That doesn't look like much fun..thank god for skidloaders!