Thursday, January 13, 2011

cornstalk free

The cornstalk fiasco is coming to an end!! During harvest..I stepped on a freshly cut  cornstalk...that jabbed into my leg. I pulled out some but was sure there was more in there.. deep. A trip to the Dr., an x-ray, (which showed nothing) and a prescription to fight infection.What remained in my leg would be absorbed by my body. Shortly after thanksgiving..another trip to the Dr. for a small red spot and given another prescription. Right after Christmas  I am back in the Dr. office...the red spot had grown considerable. I was refered to a Gen. Surgeon and yesterday 3 pieces were removed..YEAH!! I am getting along well...just sitting more than I am used too. So the moral of the story...My body doesn't absorb things well. LOL, what did you think I would say.... go to ER??  With all the sit time , I might even get the hand quilting done on the baby quilt (I am not going to be a Grandma that  know of). I''ll be posting a picture of the quilt in the near future.

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  1. Thanks for sending me your blog. Sorry about your surgery, but it looks like you're managing quite well. Love the pictures and ideas!!!