Monday, February 7, 2011

The making of a quilt

The stash bin is overflowing and every piece of fabric wants to be in the next quilt. I keep saying no more fabric... but I sometimes just can't help buying another piece!
The lucky fabrics are chosen and then cut into rectangles or squares. Thanks goodness for the rotary cutter, rulers and cutting mat.I can't image doing this with a scissors and keeping sane!
The fabric gets fed into the machine one piece right after another. No stopping to cut threads till a long chain has been made. This is saves time and money!
Hard to see in this picture., but I have drawn a straight line from the needle to the base of my machine . I can sew a straight diagonal line by lining up the bottom point on the line. This is works well for may sized squares or rectangles. It too is a time saver, no marking on the fabric.
 The blocks then get pressed.. Keeping the 2 layers under the corner pieces, keeps the block from stretching out of shape.
Now the 2 under layers of fabric get cut 1/4" (or eyeball it ) from the stitch line
The blocks get placed on a design board,  (a more sophisticated name for a a flannel sheet stapled to a wood frame). I move them around to make various designs. Usually they get left there a day or 2 before I make my decision. This gives me a chance to clear my head..which is much needed at times.  Once the design is chosen , I may add a border if needed. Then off to the machine quilter it goes. So which do you like better ..Left side or Right side?


  1. I vote for the right side also. Oh...and I am putting in an early order for a large couch quilt. Similar to yours at home with the brite colors. If it doesn't warm up here I might have to put a rush on my order!! No pressure :)

  2. Right side is more contemporary looking. Left side more traditional and old fashioned. I like them both but if I were going to use it in my house I like the right side.

  3. Usually I try and always vote for the underdog, but in this case...I just can't bear it! :) Right side, all the way! For your next quilt, you should turn the table... and pick the pattern but let people vote for the color combinations! I have a feeling it could get a little wild :)