Sunday, March 13, 2011

R&R in Vegas & NASCAR

Hubby and I were in need of recharging our batteries with some sun and rest and relaxation. So off to Vegas we went and to our surprise.. the NASCAR semis pulled into a near parking lot for a few days.  Now I am not a big race fan  but this definitively deserved an up close look at these big rigs.  All  teams were busy polishing  chrome and this one team had to switch 2 cars around. They have 2 cars in the upper deck, they brought them out, and put the wrecked car in first and the good one last. Ready for another race. Marvin & I had the chance to see the inside of the UPS truck.. its so clean you could eat off the floor. There's not a smudge to be found on the stainless steel...  its like a mini condo on wheels.

 We returned home to a chilly Iowa.. but the good news..A flock of robins flew in yesterday and that means spring is coming!! It also means I need to finish up some sewing projects.

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