Sunday, March 27, 2011

Oh Brother - Welcome to the Addiction

What a surprise I recently had. My mother was an artist and she passed the creative bug along to all 3 of us kids.  We all have different interests but I couldn't believe it when my older brother, Lyle, bought a sewing machine and WHAT???.... a quilting machine! ( I am so jealous) . I sent him a top to machine quilt (which I am in the process of binding,) and he in turn sent me his quilt to bind. This is HIS quilt - Antique Circles! The photo doesn't do justice for the true vibrant orange, yellows , and reds. It's 
a beauty. The bottom pic is after it was washed and dried it. Even looking better! Well... Welcome to the addiction of sewing/quilting...may your stash pile continue to turn out great things!

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