Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bordering pinwheels

This bordering pinwheel quilt has been done for a while ... ( procrastination played a part in the delay of getting it on the blog  and I don't even have a good reason why). I love the size  and the colors (after washing & drying it, 56" x 63").

Hubby asks .. and now what are you going to do with that one?? HMMMM... I haven't thought much about it .. maybe give it away, send it to Japan, give it to a very
special friend as wedding,  or a graduation gift. Maybe sell it... or make lots of this size and then have "The Farmer's Wife has a Sale". I make quilts because... I can ,   keeps me sane , and occasionally drives me insane, ....and  I could be doing worse things.  By the way..2 more are in various in stages...this  rainy weather has made for great quilting days..but some sunshine would be welcome!!

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