Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hidden stars couch quilt

  Its been busy around the farm... Hubby has finally gotten to the field and all the corn is planted and he's gotten a good start on the beans. I got my garden planted  started the big job of mowing the lawn and Monday,  helped move daughter #1 and her husband back to the area. Plus...I  finished this couch quilt!  This is a subtle color combination ( Pottery Barn style) ... kinda blue - gray border and star points with off whites and tans. Do you see the stars?  Fat centers with little points. The next quilt top is done but I need to piece together the backing... and I am going use quilters dream  cotton batting. Wondering if any one else has used it and how it compares to warm & natural as far as weight. I would like a summer weight batting, but not poly, any suggestions.

1 comment:

  1. Love this quilt.... And the photo of it on the chair is perfect!