Thursday, August 25, 2011

Green beans and yellow apples ..OH MY

 Here comes  the goodies...apples, green beans , squash are coming on strong..  and out comes the enamel canner and the pressure cooker.  I can't believe it, but I had to buy these because my new and improved variety,, needs more improving, lots more improving !  We are getting enough for fresh eating  but not enough to squirrel away for winter. I picked these at a local farm and it made 14 quarts.. We usually go through  16-20 quarts so I may be going back to  pick so more. My love my pressure cooker.. its been canning for decades.  10 #  the magic number  for green beans.

Music to my ears.. the ping of the lids sealing !Ta Da!!  Those are some beautiful beans!

And then....
the ancient yellow apple tree started to drop apples. I don't know the kind of apple tree it is, but if you look at the apples too long they will bruise.  But it makes the BEST applesauce!! The apples look green in the pic but  really they are a yellow apple. So I got busy and made applesauce -   8 qt and 1 pint ! That will be enough for this year.  Next on the caning/ freezing list.. apple & peach pies. YUM!!

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