Sunday, October 23, 2011

 The corn and beans are in the bins.. so officially  harvest  is done. These are a couple of pics taken from the inside  of a bin and this is what the outside of the dryer looked like a couple of weeks into corn harvest. All the red is what I call bees wings... very small red fluff that comes from the cob. This stuff is like snow, piling up on everything and coating the ground with red drifts . The slightest puff of air will make this blow around... finding its way into any little crack..Hold your breathe and shut your eyes is best advice  given when turning on the air or heater for the first few times in our farm trucks.

Hubby has started working ground--better known as "ripping".  I love the smell of freshly turned soil...such clean  smell.Fertilizer and anhydrous is  also be applied to the soil.... and so the  next phase of farm work continues.  My gardens cleared off...I have some seeds to gather and bulbs to dig.. and then off to my sewing room... I can hear it calling my name..
 But...first I think I'll go outside and enjoy this beautiful fall day .

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