Monday, November 14, 2011

Fall sunset and sewing

 WOW !! I thought the world was coming to an end when I saw this sunset. Just a breath taking sight to see. Where I live  it so flat .. we see the first rays of the sun rising  and then end the day with  beautiful colored sunsets. Its awesome to watch!

These are the latest master pieces I finished. I did a  super simple scrap quilt with SOME of my fabric scraps. (Didn't make a dent in the scrap pile, though). Then I had the itch to make something out of 50"s fabrics and  made this and a larger version of this. Its  fun to use fabrics I normally wouldn't pick. The good news ...for me , anyway, is both the scrappy and small 50"s quilt have found new homes and owners. I would like to try to get something added to my blog so those of you who are looking for a quilt can see what I have available, but ..... it all takes time and I  hate to admit it, (sigh)   I am not that good at computer stuff. Just keep checking back and maybe some day I'll figure it out!

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