Sunday, January 15, 2012

Snow fence is working

My dear husband put up the snow fence this year and its working!  It's worked so well ... much of the state has been affected!!  Sorry snowmobilers and fans of snowy winters,,I am not going to ask him to take it down yet. Its been real nice for me & my car to get down the lane with out bucking snow drifts, not to mention the garage flooding from snow melt. The bad thing is ...I haven't got to wear my new coat or snowboots  and ,sigh,  and I was so excited to put them to use.  Oh well, Feb & March can still prove to be cold and snowy.  I also haven't been doing much sewing...OH, NO...and I do need to get  going on some projects. My stash pile has grown instead of shrinking like it normally does during the winter.  YIKES!  Best wishes to everyone in 2012


  1. What? Not much sewing?

    And please thank your husband for putting up the snow's helped a great deal!

  2. I hope we don't get to much more snow...rain yes! Iowa needs the moisture.