Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wow...ITs HOT!

Its been a week  of intense heat and humidity - 95 degrees -but feels like 115,  --Yikes!!  The corn is tasseling and loving the tropical conditions but it too is ready for a break. Kali takes a leisurely swim at the pits to cool down , goes for a ride to dry off and then heads for the AC... did you know she's our 3rd daughter and very smart ,too !

A month ago I finished this couch quilt, named "Sunset Over the Lake". I didn't put any batting in it as there was a chance it maybe taking a trip to Europe and had to fit into a backpack.I came to the conclusion..there needs to be something for fill to bind it together and to equalize the shrinking of fabric when its washed and dried.  I don't think it made it in the backpack ,but it has been used around the lake and beach to lay on and watch the sunset. Stay cool everyone,, and don't forget to provide plenty of water and shade to the pets outside.

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